First dive of the season, and my first dive since retiring!

The weather and tides were right, and as we now live only a few minutes from Ricketts it was a great time to get back into the water. There had been strong winds and a fair bit of rain earlier in the week, so the visibility wasn't the best. We saw good numbers of Snapper, but only a few Leatherjackers and Zebrafish. There was a group of Moonlighters hovering around one particular part of the reef, and there were also several Banjo Sharks feeding on the bottom. I had a fleeting glimpse of a Port Jackson Shark, but no luck in finding any others in the gutters and caves.

Divers: Peter Batchelor and Kirsty Batchelor

Weather/Sea: calm
Visibility: 4 - 8 Metres.
Water temperature: 15°C.
Maximum depth: 4.6 metres.
Time of entry: 10:49am
Duration: 77 minutes.