Quite murky water close in, but better further out. Lots of Snapper again, perhaps more than on the previous few dives, but the big schools of Zebrafish stole the show this time, grazing on what seemed to be a fairly sparse bottom. Kirsty and I saw a few pairs of large Leatherjacket species, several Old Wives, a few Dusky Morwong and Moonlighters, and what I think is a juvenile Dusky Morwong in the shallows, on the way back in at the end of the dive.


Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm.
Visibility: 4 - 7 Metres.
Water temperature: 19°C.
Maximum depth: 4.1 metres.
Time of entry: 09:55am
Duration: 91 minutes.