Kirsty and I started this dive off the steps half way along the pier, and as soon as we hit the bottom I spotted a Weedy Sea Dragon with very distinctive side markings. The GoPro Hero8 did a great job of capturing the details. Kirsty found a Verco's Nudibranch hanging onto a mass of sponge that was being buffeted by the surge. It was rolling around a pylon, and over a Feather Duster Worm, which didn't seem to mind, as the worm hadn't retracted into it's tube.

A couple of large Smooth Rays were circling the pier, and swam by to check us out. I spotted the tentacles of an octopus in the engine block, but it showed no interest in us at all. There were quite a few Wrasse hiding around the pylons.


Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm.
Visibility: 5 - 8 Metres.
Water temperature: 15°C.
Maximum depth: 5.5 metres.
Time of entry: 09:15
Duration: 58 minutes.