This would probably be the best dive I've ever had at Ricketts Point!. Fantastic visibility, large school of Zebra Fish and Silver Trevally, and seven Port Jackson Sharks! On the way down, Kirsty had been wondering when we were going to see another Port Jackson, and were certainlty ticked that box on this dive. They were all nestled in under a couple of ledges. We say two together, and when we went further along we say another four, and when I turned around there was another one lying there on its own.

There were lots of Dusky Morwong around, some of them quite large. We think that perhaps some of these were females getting ready to spawn. We also saw a couple of Fiddler Rays, and Flatheads, as well as lots of quite large Leatherjackets, and also a few Scalyfins, Moonlighters, and Old Wives. Not many Sweep around on this dive though.


Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm.
Visibility: 8 - 10 metres.
Water temperature: 21°C.
Maximum depth: 4.4 metres.
Time of entry: 08:54
Duration: 83 minutes.