We headed down to Ricketts Point early in the morning to have another look at the amazing aggregation that we'd seen over the last couple of weeks. For a while it looked like we weren't going to be able to get to the disve site, as a triathlon was being run along Beach Road, and initially we thought that we weren't going to be allowed through. It turned out that we were there early enough for us to get to the yacht club cart park, with our hazard lights on.

We arrived just in time to see a series of large waves break over the reed. This went on for around 10 minutes, although there was no swell, and absolutely no wind. We were there just on high tide, so perhaps it was a tidal bore of some sort. These unusual waves and the pink/orange light reflecting off the water combined to give the place a surreal feel.

The water was quite murky in spots, but there was lots of life. We saw many large Scalyfins protecting territory, a few Banjo Sharks, quite a few Dusky Morwong, Leatherjackets, Flathead, and Old Wives, and the biggest aggregation of Snapper and Zebrafish that we have seen to date! A few Pygmy Leatherjackets were also spotted in the shallows, and we also saw a number of Gobbleguts hiding in caves and under ledges.

The masses of fish surpassed anything that I have seen in an aquarium, and it is amazing to think that this is just a few kilometres from Melbourne's CBD!

Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm.
Visibility: 3-5 metres.
Water temperature: 19°C.
Maximum depth: 4.9 metres.
Time of entry: 08:10
Duration: 104 minutes.