The weather was great, as was the forecast, so Kirsty and I took Friday off, and headed down to Rye. Although we were diving pretty much at low tide, conditions at the pier were fantastic. The visibilty varied a bit, but was generally around 8 or 9 metres, which was a massive improvement on our dive at Flinders the week before. There were two large groups of divers coming out of the water as we got there, and they were back in again before we finished our dive, but we only came across them once while we were in the water.

At the pier there were lots of Goatfish, Spiny Leatherjackets and Wrasse, a few Scalyfins and Blennies, and out at the wreck there were a few Zebra fish, and a couple of Cuttlefish under the hull. 

We finally managed to make it out to Elsa's Reef on this dive, although the site now doesn't look anywhere as good as the photos I'd seen of it when it was first in place.

Divers: Peter Batchelor, Kirsty Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm seas, 5 Knots Southerly.
Visibility: 8-10 metres.
Water temperature: 19°C.
Maximum depth: 7.1 metres.
Time of entry: 13:27.
Duration: 90 minutes.