Second dive on The Pinnacle at Fish Rock. Nitrox certainly helped in terms of the reduction in surface interval between dives. The swell had picked up since we started the first dive, and Kirsty still didn't feel up to diving. There was great visibility for most of the dive, but there was quite a bit of muck in the water around the front of the pinnacle, due to surge. More Grey Nurses than on the first dive, and also saw Wobbegong sharks, a turtle, Butterfly Cod, a crayfish, and fantastic schools of Yellowtail.

Divers: Peter Batchelor, Amelia Batchelor, William Batchelor, Brooke (South West Rocks Dive Centre Divemaster)

Weather/Sea: 10-15 kts Southerly, 2.8 - 3M swell.
visibility: 10 metres +.
Water temperature: 21°C.
Maximum depth: 23.8 metres.
Time of entry: 10:50.
Duration: 42 minutes.