Cloudy water, but lots of Sweep, Zebrafish, Southern Hulafish, Blue Globe Fish, Moonlighters, Old Wives, Dusky Morwong,
Scaly Fin, Red Mullet, Snapper, King George Whiting, Horseshoe Leatherjackets, and Toadfish.

Seemed cooler than 14° C, probably because it was overcast. Found a great reef about 200 metres straight out from the foot ramp onto the beach, with lots of overhangs and small caves. Great to see so many fish around - particularly when there are so many fishing boats anchored just outside the protected area.

Divers: Peter Batchelor, Kirsty Batchelor.

Weather/Sea: Calm.
visibility: 4-5 metres.
Water temperature: 14°C.
Maximum depth: 4.6 metres.
Time of entry: 13:40.
Duration: 75 minutes.