How to play

When you first open the puzzle you will see a number of icons in the centre of the screen. Click the OK button to start playing. You can also change the background colour and number of pieces here.

options  This button lets you start the puzzle again, and choose the number of pieces used.
hide  Click on the hand and then click on pieces to temporarily hide them. Clicking on the hand again will show all of the hidden pieces again.
edges This button will show just the edge and corner pieces. Once you have placed all of these pieces the centre pieces will automatically appear.
picture Move your cursor over this button to see a picture of the completed jigsaw. Clicking on the button will place this small image under the puzzle pieces. Clicking the button once more will hide the picture again.
full screen You can play the puzzle in full-screen mode by clicking on this button. Click on the button again to go back to the puzzle inside the web page.